Inner Rocker work, A Arm, Engine Compartment, Monti Carlo Bar

Inner Rocker work, A Arm, Engine Compartment, Monti Carlo Bar


Got the Inner Rocker removed on the passenger side, put rust treatment on the outer rocker panel. The outer rocker and outer rocker extension are actually in better shape than then drivers side was. I will not have to replace the outer extension. Also got the new inner rocker primed and painted.

Also I greased up the passenger side rear window mechanism, it was frozen not from rust, but from not having been lubricated or used in so many years. Works great now.

Passenger side withe inner rocker removed. The wet looking area is the rust remover. Tomorrow there will be zinc where thee used to be rust.

Started drilling out the spot welds on the passenger inner rocker panel. Got the section removed under the door. While I was at it I counted the number of spot welds attaching the inner rocker. There are exactly 1 gazillion. Its a real pain to drill them all out.

The old outer rocker looks just like the drivers side, not bad they actually treated it, the old inner rocker looks just like the drivers side did too, more rust than metal. It’s a real pain to replace but this is the last big piece of the project..


Came home from work and got the bleed nut loose. The liquid wrench did not get it loose. I took a lighter and applied heat to the bleed nut and after a little bit it came loose. Got the front brakes all done now. Still have to do the back but I am feeling a little lazy, long day at work. I should start drilling out the inner rocker spot welds but I just can’t bring myself to start tonight. Gotta get to it this week though, want to stay on schedule for spring!!


Installed new brake master cylinder, new front break lines, re-mounted brake lines. Started to bleed brakes but the bleed valve on drives side is locked up tight, put liquid wrench on it and will give it a shot tomorrow.


Finished painting the engine bay, started replacing wiring, parts etc….starting to look like something again! Put the fenders back on for fun to see how it looked and all fit.

Engine area finished.

Engine area finished, another view.

Engine area finished, another view.


I have been working on the engine area, finishing details, priming, painting etc. I put some pictures up just cuze its soooo pretty!

I made some decisions about the engine. I was going to rebuild it but I have decided that I am going to keep it and basically preserve it for the future. I expect this car to be around for another 40 years (or more if it is taken care of this time!) and if I rebuild the engine now I would be using it up. I will get a different engine, same size etc. and put it in. That way I can drive the car as much as I want and not feel guilty that I am using up the original engine…it will be worth that much more for my kids in the future. So I have done ALOT of engine research and I will post it all but the bottom line is I have narrowed it down to two companies and I think I know which one I am going to use, I will get a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty amd save myself about a month or two in the rebuild so I am going to be done AHEAD of schedule!!! WHODATHUNKIT.

In all the engine research and making the car go I have also done some work to make it stop. I am installing new break lines and a new master cylinder. Stopping = good.

Engine area almost done.

Engine area almost done.

Engine area almost done.

New passenger frame painted. Notice the new 90 degree grease fittings on the A arm pivot.

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