Dynamat Installation in 2007 Mustang

Installation of Dynamat Xtream Bulk Pack in the trunk/rear of the car.

I love my Mustang. (The “new” one). It is a 2007 with the full pony package, upgraded leather interior, and almost all the options you can have with the V6. I bought it used from a Volkswagen dealer who thought it was a base pony, they had no idea what it was or the options it had. I got it  for a great price. The one issue I have with my Mustang is the interior noise level at highway speed. I had seen Dynamat for years on car programs but had never used it myself. I heard it worked wonders so I decided to give it a shot.

Looking around it was very expensive. I decided I wanted to do the trunk and rear area of the car so I looked at the Dynamat Xtream buk pack. This had 9 sheets or 36 sq ft of material to use. The bulk of the noise seem to come from the rear of the car so I wanted to see how much this pack would do. I found the Dynamat for about $250 online but I did an Ebay search and found it for $144. It arrived in a few days and I went to work.

Trunk area cleaned and prepped

The first thing I did was to empty, vacuum and then wipe all the areas with alcohol. This is important so the Dynamat will stick. The trunk liner came out easy enough along with the removal of the plastic piece that covers the rear lights. I started with installation of the liner in the spare tire well.

Wheel Well are lined

One note I went to the store and got a wall paper seam roller (plastic) to use in flattening the Dynamat…it promptly broke almost immediately  I would buy one for this purpose or make sure you have a wooden and metal roller to apply the Dynamat. It went in easy enough and I also used a tennis ball to flatten the rounded areas. If you tap the metal before and after the application you can definitely hear a difference.



Drivers side area seen from the back seat. Wheel well area can be seem here.

I also removed the rear seat panels under the windows to get the wheel well areas. I basically had enough to do all of the bottom of the trunk, the area up to the rear seat, part of the area where the rear lights are, and the wheel wells in the passenger compartment area. I intend to get more of the sound deadening material but will try B-Quite which seems like it is the same thing but you can get 50 sq ft for about $80.

The results of this effort were indeed a quieter passenger compartment. I now notice noise though the doors which I did not notice before. I would say while the improvement is not dramatic it is significant.  I intend to now finish the trunk areas, and do the doors as well to see how that helps. I have a totally stock exhaust so I would image all Mustangs are about like mine. At highway speed you could carry on a conversation but it was noisy. Now it is much better but I would like it to be even more quite.  I am not sure if doing less would be of any use so the 36 sq ft in the bulk pack is really needed. I will let you know how the B-Quite compares when I do that. Is the install worth the money and effort. It was for me. The car is definitely better on the road and I hope it gets even better when I add more. There is no indication at all I added the Dynamat as it is covered by the carpets and panels. The hardest part is getting the car taken apart so you can do the application.


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