Front End Disassembly


I created a metal template of the frame rails in the engine compartment. Basically it goes in where the engine was. I made it out of 2×4 metal studs.

This is where the template bolts into the frame.

This is how the template sits in the engine bay.

Now besides measuring I have a template that I can place in the compartment that will be an EXACT representation of where things were before I removed the frame rail. So when I replace the drivers side frame rail I will simply place the template in the compartment and base the installation of the new frame rail on the template. I bolt the template in with the motor mount bolts and it also rests on the frame rails.
Also I am nearly ready to order the frame parts I need, I have all the prices from the vendor.
I also found a place the I can get a rebuild C4 tranny and I have contacted people who have bought them and they give them high marks so this is about $500 less than I thought I was going to spend on the tranny.


Well I actually got more than I expected done today, I got both front fenders removed, Got front carpet removed, removed kick panels, rocker covers, removed front grill and various other parts. Now that I have the front fenders off I am re-assessing what I need. The drivers side frame rail for sure but the Passenger side may not be bad. I need to lift the car up and look at it better. The drivers side seat pan and toe board are toast. A real half assed repair was done some time in the past…crappy welds and rivets! The passenger side has also been replaced in the past but a better job was done of it. I don’t think I am going to need to replace it. The drivers front fender is in great shape inside and out, just some cleaning and it will be ready for paint, the passenger side will require some minor repair of about 2 sq in. but it too is in good shape.

Drivers side with fender off

Compartment is without fenders

Passenger side with fender removed, Looks better than I thought


The new front frame rail, torque boxes, battery panel, battery tray and hold down bracket, drivers toe board came yesterday and they look good the quality seems fine. I got them all from North Coast Mustang. They took about 5 days to get here. It is great to see what the new parts will look like when they are in compared to the old ones. I removed the shock tower covers, wheels, put the car on jack stands, sprayed liquid wrench on all the bolts I need to get off, took lots of measurements of where everything is. When I took all the measurements I found that everything is still square and there is no problem with the warping/bending of the body/frame. I was a little fearfull of this when the frame snapped but it really didn’t break all the way through and was still strong enough to support everything.
I plan to drill out all the spot welds on the frame rail this week and get the old frame out so I can get the new one in place… is great to start thinking about getting new parts on and stop taking off the old ones! Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!


Got front clip off, cut out drivers torque box, test fitted new frame to new torque box. Dry fitted new toe board, Removed front seats and carpet. Treated rusty areas with rust disolver. The rust disolver works really well, basically it turns rust into zinc and prevents further rust from forming.
The drivers side rear floor pan needs to be replaced too, the passenger side front and rear are OK. Also it looks like the drivers side rocker is OK. As for getting the frame rail off I need to borrow a spring compressor to get the springs out, and I am trying to figure out how to break the welds where the brackets attach to the rail. I may just cut around them and then grind the unwanted metal away.

Just the panels and the frame left

Drivers side front

Drivers side front

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