Engine Removal, Cracked Frame

4/18/05 – Installed PETRONIX solid state ignition, this got rid of points…a real breeze to install and only $65 to never install points again!
Got dash pad cover (black) put it in place but didn’t install it, looks great.

Lubed and got front window regulators working free. They were VERY hard to turn, now smooth as silk.

Sanded down to bear metal some of the body rust. Was just surface rust, use navel jelly and then primed, leveled and painted.

Replaced missing spring on Passenger door latch. Adjusted and lubed both door lock/opening mechanisms. Works like new now.

Drivers door before and after photos

Front of engine off

THE HORROR!! Cracked frame where power stearing piston push through frame rail!

As you can see from the damaged area I wisely decided that would be the last time I drove the car for a while. It was at this point I had to make a decision was I really ready to tear the car apart and take this task on or not……after a day or two I decided I was going to save this car. After looking at it from a numbers point of view I think I can fix it and when it is done I will be able to sell it for more than I have into it, but that is not the goal, I want a 69 convertible, my son may well inherit this car….he is 11 and already asked for it!

Work Completed May 2005
Removed Alternator
Removed Power stearing pump
Removed oil sending unit
Removed water pump
Disconnected all engine wiring, Linkages
Removed Radiator
Removed Power steering pump
Removed oil sending unit

Removed Engine and Tranny!!!

Here are engine and tranny as I pulled them out

Engine and tranny on the floor

Empty engine compartment!

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