Updated Status, its been a while, Alternator, Carb, Dual Exhaust and more

The newly painted donor alternator transplanted into my 69 mustang. You can see the old plug for the regulator here which is no longer needed. This is before I dressed the wiring and hid this under the battery compartmant.

Hello all its been a while since I posted but I actually have done a lot and will fill in the details in future posts. I have replaced the tail lights, put in a 3G alternator (this puts a modern alternator you can get from a junk yard in your car and is a GREAT cheap upgrade), put in a performance aluminum intake manifold, four barrel carb, Tri Y headers, dual exhaust, and more.  I will talk about what I think is the best bang for your buck and time spent here and that is the Alternator upgrade. Basically my classic stock alternator died it was the standard ford 1G 60 amp. I had replaced it in 2006 as a preventative measure when I put the new engine in. I figured the one I had was bad so I just replaced it. I got about 10 years and 8000 miles out of the 1G which is a bit of a disappointment but if you think about it that alternator had probable been rebuilt many times in the last 40 years and who knows how well. The replacement regulator was probably made in China to who knows what standard an getting good new ones may be next to impossible. The solution? Well the Ford 3G alternator is almost a direct bolt in replacement and you can pick one from a junk yard for 25 bucks.

Donor 3G alternator out of a 97 Taurus at the junk yard
Donor 3G alternator out of a 97 Taurus at the junk yard

These are in cars from the 90s and you can also go right to the auto parts store and get one. You do have to be a little careful as you need to one from specific models so they fit. Mine was in a 97 Ford Taurus with the V6. The regulator is internal so you get rid of that external mess on the 1G. Also it is 130 amp so you will get much better charging. At Idle it makes more power than the original alternator made at full power. You will see this when you are driving at night. When you stop the lights will not dim anymore with the 3G alternator. There are only 3 wires to hook up and in my case it was a direct bolt in. I will write a full article but there are plenty of them out there if you want to do it. When yours goes I would highly recommend this upgrade.

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