Time to Paint The Stang Again

Barrett-JacksonWell I painted the car some years ago to see if I could do it and learn how. I used cheap paint so I would not feel like I wasted my money if I screwed it all up. Well I did not do such a bad job an I also decided to paint my 91 pickup as well using an Eastwood single stage paint. It did not turn out to bad either. The Eastwood paint was definitely better than the first el Cheepo paint I used but I have decided this time to try yet a third paint. I have been watching Barrett-Jackson auctions for years and I found out that they now have a complete line up of paints. The nice thing is they are locally available and you do not have to have it shipped to you. The price is reasonable too. I am going with the single stage paint with a clear coat and the total cost for the primer, paint and clear with all the activator etc is going to run me $408 at the local PepBoys (it is also carried at Sherwin Williams). I should have more than enough to paint the car…maybe twice. There are also some excellent videos that detail how to apply and use the paint. I am not really looking forward to all of the work but it is time. The paint I put on before looked good enough but it is definitely not worthy of the car any longer so it is time. I will post and review as I do the work. Stay tuned for updates!

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