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I finally broke down and spend some bucks on the car. It just has not been right and I rebuilt the carb twice, put the points back in and took electronic ignition out, replace plugs, rotor, cap, etc. etc. etc..I decided since it was blowing black smoke when it got warm and running rough, real rough, it had to be a carb issue. I had always wanted to put a 4 brl on an a better intake manifold so I finally did…while I was at it I put an engine dress up kit in as well. I got all the parts from Summit Racing and man were they fast. I ordered the parts on Thursday and they were at my door Saturday at noon!!! I couldn’t resist and ripped out the old stuff with my son and had the car running at 10:00pm. It did fix the issue so it was a carb problem all along, now I can drive the car again!

I got an Edelbrock performer intake, Edelbrock 500 cfm carb with electric choke, an engine dress up kit (chrome valve covers, T handle cover screws, chrome spark plug wire brackets.

This is the BEFORE with the old intake and manifold

This is the carb and valve covers removed

New aluminum intake on left. MUCH MUCH lighter!!

New aluminum intake. installed

New intake and Carb installed.

New intake and Carb, valve covers installed.

New intake and Carb, valve covers installed.

The install was straight forward enough. I did try to get slick and mounted the Tstat housing before installed the new manifold that was a mistake. You have to drop it down straight on to the block so you don’t smear the gasket sealer and I could not wiggle it in with that on. Had to remove it and then install intake. Instructions were good.

The Carb install was also fairly straight forward. The hardest part was getting the Throttle kickdown, throttle cable and return spring setup done. Summit warned me that I may need to tweak things a bit to get it all to work and I did. The kick down bracket worked well enough but the throttle cable bracket did not. I had to manufacture an additional part to get it to work. I will post some pictures. Also the kick down bracket mounts where the throttle return spring would go so I had to do some…engineering..there to get that working.

I will post later how much of a performance gain I got after I drive it a bit.

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